Sr. M. Margit Zimmermann

Sr. M. Margit Zimmermann

As a teenager on a painful two-year search for the meaning of life, the night after my appendectomy I was given the grace of faith through which my questions were also answered. Because if God is my father, He also has a plan for my life. During my convalescence it became clear that God wanted me completely for Himself and I began to look around for religious community. Because my parents were against it, I had to arrange for my freedom and began studies at the University of Vienna (Universität Wien), where I me a Sister of Mary of Mount Carmel. Sr. M. Roswitha invited me in the name of her superiors to Erla, where the sisters ran a school for domestic economy. It was 1958. In those holiday weeks Sr. M. Roswitha introduced me to Carmelite spirituality. We read "The Story of a Soul" by St. Thérèse of Lisieux. The place, the life of the sisters, and the book allowed the decision for me to join this community to grow and mature.

Sr. Mag. M. Margit Zimmermann

from Baden bei Wien

since 2003 at the mission station Kyengeza/Uganda

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