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"Following the example of our order's saints we strive to live a contemplative lifestyle in which prayer, work, and life in sisterly community are merged." (Guilding Principles)


We begin our day with meditation and Laudes, the morning praise and worship of God.

Eucharistic Celebration

At the Eucharistic Celebration - the highpoint of the day -
we allow and experience the transforming power of God.

Reception Desk

At the cloister reception desk we are there for people.


Supporting each other in many activities . . .

Midday Prayers

At midday we interrupt our work and gather in the chapel to pause for the “Examen of Conscience” about how the day has gone up until now.

Eating Together

Eating together unites us, whether in silence or in conversation.


Providing for the physical well-being often happens in the background.


The workday closes with Vespers, the liturgical prayer of thanksgiving. In Compline, the night prayer of the Church, we entrust ourselves to the protection of God for the night.


During the day each sister is given one and a half hours for personal prayer.


Daily recreation time, alternating between personal free time and community recreation, promotes relaxation and nurtures togetherness within the community.


We mostly spend our vacations and retreats at the Kneipp Cure houses owned by our order: Aspach, Bad Kreuzen, Bad Mühllacken and at the Retreat House in Grünau.

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