Journeying Together in Faith

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God is the origin, center, and goal of our life. As God-seeking people we are journeying in faith, hope, and love.

  • June 2023

  • 21.06.2023 21.06.2023

    I am dancing myself, God, in Your arms

    We dance simply, calmly, and also in lively circle dances. We are delighted to have the most possible dance-loving people as regulars at our group, but new participants are also always cordially welcome!

    Location: Motherhouse of the Sisters of Mary of Mount Carmel

    Speaker: Sr. Huberta Rohrmoser, Mag. Barbara Eckerstorfer

  • July 2023

  • 09.07.2023 19.07.2022

    Contemplative Retreat for Experts

    (at least 4x exercises, regular meditation in everyday life)

    Location: Marienheim - Retreat House of the Sisters of Mary of Mount Carmel

    Speaker: Sr. M. Huberta Rohrmoser

  • 23.07.2023 02.08.2023

    Short Contemplative Retreat in St. Virgil

    Introduction to contemplative prayer on the name Jesus (the "Jesus Prayer", in the style of Fr. Franz Jalics, SJ) and the contemplative lifestyle.

    Location: Education Center St. Virgil

    Speaker: Sr. Huberta Rohrmoser

Language: Deutsch English