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The decision to become a sister, to enter a convent, comes from the call of God. HE it is, Who first loves and speaks to people.

It takes internal vigilance, a stillness, a letting go to sense the "having been called" that comes from God.


Like everywhere in life, in a religious community there is also always a step-by-step process. If a young person decides to take the path of the narrow discipleship in our religious community, the candidacy takes place during a time of mutual getting to know each other. It serves both for personality development and vocational training.


The novitiate which follows is two years of training for the monastic life in which the religious life deepens, Carmelite spirituality is introduced, and the rhythm of everyday life is practiced.


The novitiate ends with the celebration of the first profession. The time limit for this is one year. It is the official integration into the religious community. The sister commits herself by vow to live in chastity, poverty, and obedience in the community and to carry out the apostolic mission.

Life Profession

The profession of vows is renewed annually for five years, and only then the life profession follows.

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