Bl. Elisabeth of the Trinity


"She is the blessed one, in whose writings I recognize many things in common with my own path. Completely superficial things like her profession anniversary falling on my birthday and the anniversary of her death on the anniversary of my entrance particularly make me happy. I feel a deep connection to her in the love of St. Paul, who was thrilled by the secret that Jesus Christ lived in his soul.This awareness that God dwells within is the great grace that God gave me when I was very young. Further I feel a deep connection with Bl. Elisabeth, because she could not follow her vocation at first, but had to wait for years before she could enter the convent. These yearning waiting years, although for completely different reasons, I also know. The love of family is also a similarity. A deep, internal love connects me to my family, just as I see in the letters of Bl. Elisabeth." Sr. M. Pauline Angermayr

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