Saints of Carmel

St. Teresa of Jesus (Ávila)


“God is so great, that it is well worth looking for HIM the whole life.”
“Those who are weak should never despair nor cease to trust in the power of God.”

  • 1515 St. Teresa’s birth in Ávila, Spain
  • 1536 Entry into the Carmelite Convent of the Incarnation - Ávila
  • 1560 The Reform begins
  • 1567 First encounter with St. John of the Cross
  • 1582 St. Teresa’s death at Alba de Tormes

We celebrate her feast day on October 15.

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St. John of the Cross


“If a person seeks God - God seeks the person much more.”
“In the evening of life we will be asked about love.”

  • 1542 Birth of St. John of the Cross (Juan des Yepes) in Fontiveros, Spain
  • 1563 Entry into Carmel
  • 1567 Ordination as priest and first encounter with St. Teresa of Jesus
  • 1591 Death in Ubeda

We celebrate his feast day on December 14.

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Prophet Elijah


“The Lord of Hosts lives, before whom I stand.”
“I am moved by zeal for the Lord, the God of Hosts.”

  • Elijah, the Prophet from Tischbe, served under King Ahab in northern Israel about 873-853 B.C.
  • The stories about him in the Old Testament - in the books of 1 Kings chapters 17-19 and 2 Kings chapters 1-2 - show his ardent dedication to the faith in the true God.

We celebrate his feast day on July 20.

St. Thérèse of Lisieux (The Little Flower)


“One never expects too much of God, Who is at the same time benevolent and almighty.”
“I do not regret having surrendered myself to Love.”

  • 1873 Birth of St. Thérèse
  • 1888 Entry into Carmel
  • 1897 Death of St. Thérèse
  • 1925 Canonization
  • 1997 Named Doctor of the Church

We celebrate her feast day on October 1.

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Bl. Elisabeth of the Trinity


“Build a little cell within like I do, and think how God is there and enter into it from time to time.”
“May my life be a continual prayer.”

  • 1880 Birth of Bl. Elisabeth in Dijon, France
  • 1901 Entry into Carmel
  • 1903 Profession
  • 1904 She writes the Prayer to the Holy Trinity “Holy Trinity whom I adore”
  • 1906 Death of Bl. Elisabeth

We celebrate her feast day on November 8.

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Edith Stein - St. Teresia Benedicta of the Cross


“Anyone who seeks the truth seeks God, whether or not he is aware of it.”
“We need those hours in which we listen silently and let the divine word work within us.”

  • 1891 Birth of Edith Stein
  • 1922 Baptism
  • 1933 Entry into Cologne Karmel
  • 1942 Arrest, death in Auschwitz
  • Co-Patroness of Europe

We celebrate her feast day on August 9.

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