Short Contemplative Retreat
02.10.2023, 18:00 Uhr

Short Contemplative Retreat

Many people long to spend time quietly in the presence of God. But as soon as they become calm, internal noise and unrest begin, and thoughts and feelings take them away from this peace.

During this retreat assistance will be given to the pursuit of one's self, to letting go of with one's own thoughts and feelings more and more without supression, and the wordless-silent alignment on God - Jesus Christ.

We go from perception of the awareness of external reality over the perception of myself to the perception of the last reality, to the reality of God in loving, silent, faithful dwelling in His presence in contemplation of the name Jesus.

A simple, sober prayer for people who long for silence and direct access to God - even in everyday life.


  • Community prayer sessions in silence 30 minutes long
  • Contemplative prayer on the name of Jesus Christ
  • Eucharistic celebration with talks about the spiritual exercises
  • Time to go out and enjoy nature
  • Individual guidance
  • Continuous silence
  • Prerequisite: discussion beforehand


Course donation € 90,--

Full pension/single room € 161,00

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Sr. M. Huberta Rohrmoser

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