Advent With Silence and Faith
24.11.2023, 18:00 Uhr

Advent With Silence and Faith

We long to prepare ourselves for Christmas in calm. Unfortunately the "quietest time of the year" adds to the usual load of daily stress.

These days offer help for us to go consciously into Advent, searching for the source in our own depths, joining in the awareness of the personal incarnation on the feast of the Incarnation of God.

Meditation can help us to come to rest, to listen inwardly, to be sensitive to our own inner impulses, to stay in contact with the living, loving God Who dwells in our depths. (John 14:23)


  • Relaxation
  • Listening to God's Word in Bible meditation
  • Simple meditative dances
  • Time to spend in nature, simply "to be"
  • Important: Willingness to be silent


Course Fee € 50,00

Single Room with shower on the floor € 37,60
Single room with shower and toilet € 45,80

Place and Registration:

Fischereckstraße 23, 4645 Grünau
Tel.: 07616/8258 -Fax: 07616/8258-13

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