Sr. M. Huberta Rohrmoser

Sr. M. Huberta Rohrmoser

The Sisters of Mary of Mount Carmel "occurred to me" because they were the first sisters I met during a retreat in Grünau. Today I know that I would like to be in no other order, because the Carmelite spirituality which fits so well with everyday life simply matches mine: all Carmelite saints are mystics, as described by P. Körner, OCD: People who live day in and day out with God, of whom they speak!To realize this my desire, too!

In my experience God not only calls once, but again and again. If I look back today, I can see how God personally accompanied me to my order and - despite many obstacles along the way - led me to my special vocation, to a service to others that gives me great joy.

Sr. Huberta Rohrmoser, born 1947 in Großarl/Pongau (Salzburg), 11 siblings

  • 1967 Entry into the congregation of the Sisters of Mary of Mount Carmel in Linz
  • 1974 Matura at the HBLA for commercial occupations in Linz
  • Pedagogic Academy in Innsbruck and Linz
  • Teaching Positions for German, English, Religion, and History


  • Certified teacher
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual exercise leader
  • Spiritual direction
  • Liturgical dance by G. Woisin
  • Systemic supervision

Current Activities

  • Meditation offerings in several educational facilities
  • Retreat leader and spiritual direction
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